LA PENZA COUTURE is a viable and reputable fashion company in Nigeria, a company with the goal of youth empowerment, and promotion of contemporary African fashion design called Afrocentric Designs. Our factory is situated in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

OUR MISSION; Our mission is to bring peace and harmony to Africa and the World at large through fashion.

OUR AIM (LA PENZA COUTURE CHARITY PROJECT); Our aim is to produce one of the best design collections in Africa and at the same time give back to the society, which brought about the project of One Million Charity Clothing Annually for the less privileged.


There are two (2) major challenges we face in achieving our aim for the Charity Project. Funding; funding is an essential part of these project mainly because we are a private organization trying to give back to the society in our little capacity, therefore it is Capital Intensive. Most of the materials used to achieve this charity project for now are from the leftover pieces of clothes made for our clients. Man Power; man power/staff is also a very vital issue in this charity project. Presently, there are a few staff assigned to the charity project, making it almost impossible to achieve A hundred (100) clothes for charity in a week, hence, slowing the aim of One Million Clothes Annually.


The two(2) major challenges highlighted above, are the major ways you can also help to make the less privileged happy. If it is laid in your heart to give, you can help in terms of; 1. Funding; No amount is considered too little or too much when it comes to helping the less privileged. As it is a Universal law, be you Christian, Muslim or any other religion, that when you give, you also receive in unimaginable ways. 2. Man Power; due to shortage of assigned staff members to the charity project, we would appreciate new staff injections in our company to help support the project. At the same time, these news staff would be able to gain useful experience during their period on the charity project to acquire more skill for themselves, hence, helping reduce the rate of unemployment in the society.


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