Fashion Training

LA Penza Couture is a limited liability company registered in 2005.

The Company has been manufacturing for both the domestic and international market and has a rich experience in garment and textile production as well as merchandising

Aim of the Fashion Training Program

The training program is aimed at people who are interested in:

  1. Building a career in the garment industry.
  2. Passionate about sewing
  3. Interested in polishing up their sewing skills.

It will provide a balanced practical and theoretical introduction to the basic elements of design for practical application in garment making.



At the end of the course, trainees are expected to be able to draft patterns and make various items of clothing, having basic knowledge in entrepreneurship and basic business and financial management and able to work with little or no supervision.


The outcome of the program will be assessed using evidence from practical activities, which take the following forms.

Practical exercise, using different fabric designed to assess the skills of the trainee in using the basic elements of design in their work.

A work book that will demonstrate knowledge in support of the practical exercise, which may include patterns, samples, sketches, notes, ideas, etc.

At the end of each topic, your tutor in discussion with you will complete a record sheet of your progress as you achieve each of the outcomes. You may request to see this.

There will be seminars on various topics relevant to the course.

Student's Responsibility

As a student, your responsibility includes timely and regular attendance to show syllabus guidelines and present your work as required for assessments you also owe it to yourself to practice what you are taught, do some research and be creative.